Leading Lift Installation

Poona Elevators is leading Lift Installation, Supplier of lift material and Lift Maintenance service provider of Residential Lift in Pune, Maharashtra India.

Now a days vertically increasing buildings are common phenomenon. This also increasing parking problems as more number of cars needs to be served; Car Lift is the solution.
In the modern infrastructure design car parking has been given special attention so that cars get a safer and better space to stand. Poona Elevators provides a range of car parking solutions so that it is easy to park your car on/in any floor of your Shopping Complexes & Luxury Apartments, Restraurants.

Car lifts are becoming very popular for vertical car parking places as there is acute space shortage in major cities. We take extensive care while designing and manufacturing Automobile lift cabins considering the load distribution over a small area while a vehicle is transported in a car lift. When client having low space for machine room and reduce the electricity expences then we offer only Hydraulic automobile lift we offer a standard design that makes it easy to install and the whole lift cabin within days time
Operating with the help of hydraulic power pack or with geared machine car elevator will help to move cars up and down on the parking.  Speed of car elevator is 0.32mps it can be increased for special case.
 The lifts are designed and manufactured according to the inputs and requirements of customers to accommodate different types of cars. Our car lifts are steady and give jerk less experience while lifting your car. We make it special because we understand your love for your car.