Leading Lift Installation

Poona Elevators is leading Lift Installation, Supplier of lift material and Lift Maintenance service provider of Residential Lift in Pune, Maharashtra India.

POONA ELEVATORS provides wide range of Hospital Lift for moving stretchers with patients up and down in a hospital for different reasons. For such emergency application, we provide you with strong designed elevator which can hold a standard hospital stretcher. It facilitates fast movement of patients, hospital staff, stretchers, bulky equipments and wheelchairs in mode of emergency. These elevators confirm to very high standards of safety and provide smooth motion for passengers and patients.

The transportation system for  modern hospitals have special needs such as spacious & durable car, smooth & comfortable travel, accurate stop with critical control features with reliability and safety features. The car dimensions are as per the Indian Standard requirements for Hospital lifts.

The design and manufacturing is done according to the requirements of the customers. POONA ELEVATORS provides Hospital Lift which is highly efficient with features like accurate stoppage, overload detectors; Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) and V3F drive which ensures jerk less travelling. We ensure trouble free service because it’s about saving a life.